Topic 21: International Trade

Friday, February 01, 2013

A) An introduction to International Trade
        Typesof Trade

B) International Trade
                1.Absolute Advantage
                2.Comparative Advantage

C) Protectionism
        Reasonsfor Protectionism
        Methodsof Protectionism
                1.Traditional Barriers to Trade
                    a) Tariff (Meaning, Types, Reasons,Economic Effects)
                     b) Quota (Meaning, Economic Effects)
                    c) Exchange Control / Currency Restrictions
                    d) Production Subsidies (Meaning, Types,Effects)
                    e) Embargoes
                2.Modern Barriers to Trade

D) Trade Blocs
        Typesof Trade Blocs

E) International Organizations
·         European Union (EU)
               Meaning and Objectives
               Advantages and Disadvantages of EU Membership       
·         World Trade Organization (WTO)

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