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These MPs Voted FOR Foreign Freeholds in Second Amendment to Constitution

On 22nd July 2015, the Maldives parliament amended the constitution to authorise foreign ownership of land or freeholds in the Maldives with overwhelming support of 70 votes in favour, only a day after the amendments were introduced to the People’s Majlis.

11 MPs of the main opposition Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) and 09 MPs of the Jumhooree Party (JP) also voted in favour of the unprecedented changes.

The amendments allowed foreigners who invest more than US$1 billion to purchase land within the project site. At least 70 percent of the area when the project is completed must also be reclaimed land.

The constitution previously prohibited foreign ownership of any part of Maldivian territory, but allowed leasing of land for up to 99 years.

Here is how MPs voted.

These 11 MPs from Opposition MDP Voted YES.
Abdul Bari Abdulla MDP
Abdul Gafoor Moosa MDP
Abdulla Shahid MDP
Ahmed Marzoog MDP
Ali Azim MDP
Ali Nizar MDP
Ibrahim Naseer MDP
Ibrahim Shareef MDP
Mohamed Abdul Kareem MDP
Mohamed Nazim MDP
Moosa Manik MDP

It was reported by local newspapers that MDP made a deal with the government to vote for the amendment expecting to release President Nasheed from jail as part of the deal.

These 09 MPs from Jumhooree Party voted YES.
Abdulla Ahmed JP
Ahmed Mubeen JP
Faisal Naseem JP
Hussain Mohamed JP
Hussain Shahudhee JP
Ibrahim Hassan JP
Ilham Ahmed JP
Moosa Nizar Ibrahim JP
Qasim Ibrahim JP

These 06 MDA MPs Voted YES.
Hussain Areef IND (Later joined MDA)
Ahmed Amir MDA
Ahmed Siyam Mohamed MDA
Ali Mauroof MDA
Mohamed Ismail MDA
Umar Hussain MDA

These 44 MPs from ruling party Voted Yes.
Abdul Latheef Mohamed PPM
Abdul Raheem Abdulla PPM
Abdulla Khaleel PPM
Abdulla Maseeh Mohamed PPM
Abdulla Rifau PPM
Abdulla Sinan PPM
Abdulla Yamin PPM
Ahmed Asad PPM
Ahmed Azhan Fahmy PPM
Ahmed Faaris Maumoon PPM
Ahmed Nihan Hussain Manik PPM
Ahmed Rasheed PPM
Ahmed Rasheed Ibrahim PPM
Ahmed Saleem PPM
Ahmed Shiyam PPM
Ahmed Thariq PPM
Ali Arif PPM
Ali Fazad PPM
Ali Mohamed PPM
Ali Saleem PPM
Ali Shah PPM
Asma Rasheed PPM
Hassan Mufeed Abdul Gadir PPM
Hussain Manik Don Manik PPM
Hussain Mohamed Latheef PPM
Ibrahim Didi PPM
Ibrahim Falah PPM
Ibrahim Riza PPM
Ibrahim Shujau PPM
Jameel Usman PPM
Jaufar Dawood PPM
Mohamed Abdulla PPM
Mohamed Ali PPM
Mohamed Ameeth Ahmed Manik PPM
Mohamed Hussain PPM
Mohamed Musthafa PPM
Mohamed Nasheed PPM
Mohamed Shahid PPM
Mohamed Waheed Ibrahim PPM
Muaz Mohamed Rasheed PPM
Nazim Rashaad PPM
Riyaz Rasheed PPM
Saud Hussain PPM
Saudulla Hilmy PPM

Only These 14 MPs voted NO.
Anara Naeem ADP
Ahmed Mahloof IND
Abdulla Riyaz JP
Ali Hussain JP
Ahmed Nashid MDP
Eva Abdulla MDP
Fayyaz Ismail MDP
Ibrahim Mohamed Solih MDP
Imthiyaz Fahmy MDP
Mariya Ahmed Didi MDP
Mohamed Aslam MDP
Mohamed Falah MDP
Mohamed Rasheed Hussain MDP
Rozaina Adam MDP


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