Crude Death Rate in the Maldives is on the Rise Since 2008

As per world bank statistics, the crude death rate (deaths/1000 people) is on the rise since 2008.

Crude Death Rate:
  1. 2008: 3.575
  2. 2009: 3.588
  3. 2010: 3.625
  4. 2011: 3.668
  5. 2012: 3.711
  6. 2013: 3.743
  7. 2014: 3.760
Crude death rate – the total number of deaths per year per 1,000 people. As of 2014 the crude death rate for the whole world is 7.89 per 1,000 (down from 8.37 per 1,000 in 2009) according to the current CIA World Factbook.

But, the crude death rate in the Maldives is on the rise owing to the unnatural deaths caused by drugs abuse, gang violence and murder.

Ahmed Xahir
Ahmed Xahir

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