My Second Thirty Questions

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Grade: 09           
Due on: 


Answer the following 30 Questions.

1.    What is meant by the term ‘equilibrium’?
2.    Define equilibrium price?
3.    How is equilibrium price determined?
4.    When does movement of the demand curve occur?
5.    Illustrate an increase in demand?
6.    Illustrate a fall in demand?
7.    List the factors affecting demand curve?
8.    How does consumer income affect demand?
9.    What are normal goods? Give an example.
10. What are inferior goods? Give an example.
11. Define substitutes? Give an example.
12. Define complements? Give an example?
13. How does availability of credit affects demand?
14. When does movement along the demand curve occur?
15. Illustrate an extension in demand?
16. Illustrate a contraction in demand?
17. Use a demand and supply diagram to illustrate the effect on market price due to an increase in demand?
18. Use a demand and supply diagram to illustrate the effect on market price due to a fall in demand?
19. When does a movement of supply curve occur?
20. Illustrate an increase in supply?
21. Illustrate a fall in supply?
22. Identify the causes of shifts in supply curve?
23. How does price of factors of production affect supply?
24. How does a production subsidy affect supply?
25. When does movement along a supply curve occur?
26. Illustrate an extension in supply?
27. Illustrate a contraction in supply?
28. How does an increase in supply affect market price?
29. How does a fall in supply affect market price?
30. Draw a demand and supply diagram to illustrate a fall in supply?
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