My First Thirty Questions

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Grade: 09           
Due on: 


Answer the following 30 Questions.

1.    What is a market?
2.    Distinguish between old markets and new markets?
3.    Give an example for old markets?
4.    Give an example for new markets?
5.    Define price?
6.    What is utility?
7.    What is meant by desire?
8.    What is demand?
9.    Distinguish between desire and demand?
10. What is meant by ‘demand for products’?
11. Outline the law of demand?
12. How do changes in price affect demand?
13. How do changes in demand affect price?
14. What is individual demand?
15. Define market demand?
16. What is a demand schedule?
17. What is a demand curve?
18. Draw a normal demand curve?
19. How does a normal demand curve slopes?
20. What is meant by supply?
21. Compare output and supply?
22. Outline the law of supply?
23. How do changes in price affect supply?
24. How do changes in supply affect price?
25. What is a supply schedule?
26. What is a supply curve?
27. Draw a normal supply curve?
28. How does a normal supply curve slopes?
29. What is meant by resource allocation?
30. What is meant by Effective Demand?
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