My Fourth Twenty Questions

Grade: 08           
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Answer the following 20 Questions.

1.    Describe geographical mobility of labour?
2.    Give one example for geographical mobility of labour?
3.    What factors affect geographical mobility of labour?
4.    Give some barriers to geographical mobility of labour?
5.    Identify five ways to increase geographical mobility of labour?
6.    What is meant by capital? Give examples.
7.    Give four features of capital?
8.    Name the two types of capital?
9.    What is meant by fixed capital? Give example.
10. What is meant by working capital? Give examples.
11. What is meant by capital formation?
12. What are two sources of capital formation?
13. What is meant by investment?
14. What is Gross Investment?
15. What is meant by depreciation?
16. What is Net Investment?
17. Why is the Rate of Net Investment given importance?
18. Who is an entrepreneur?
19. Why an entrepreneur is important for the business?
20. What are the functions of an entrepreneur?
Ahmed Xahir
Ahmed Xahir

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