42: Developed and Developing Economies and Reasons for Different Stages of Development

Thursday, February 09, 2012

Demographic Transition

  • Under Developed Countries (LDCs) have a high birth rate and a high death rate
  • Developing Countries have a falling death rate and a relatively falling birth rate
  • Developed Countries have a low and relatively constant birth rate and death rate

Comparing Developed and Developing Countries

Feature                         Developed Countries      Developing Countries
·    Birth Rate                            Lower                            Higher
·    Death Rate                          Lower                            Higher
·    Dependency Ratio                Lower                            Higher
·    Infant Mortality Rate             Lower                            Higher
·    Working Age Group              Higher                           Lower
·    Labour Productivity               Higher                           Lower
·    Level of Education                Higher                           Lower
·    Sector of Employment          Tertiary                         Primary
·    Health Care Facilities            Established                    Poor
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