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11 Reasons Why Dh Kudahuvadhoo is One of the Best Islands to Live

The 2 square kilometer Male' is too small to accomodate its 62,000 citizens. Lack of provision of basic facilities to residents of atolls forced islanders to migrate to the capital city in search for education, healthcare and job opportunities. Along with the rising expatriate workforce, it increased Male' resident population above 150,000 to make Male' not only the most densely populated island but also the second worst island for human beings to live. Together with time, we can find few regional hubs emerging and growing faster than we think. One of them is Dh. Kudahuvadhoo, located in the heart of the country. Geographic Location: Comparative Land Area (Before Reclamation): Resident Population: Literacy Rate (15-24 yo): Sex Ratio (Females Per 100 Males): Marital Status: The rapid growth of Dh. Kudahuvadhoo and other such towns has widened our choice. We can now choose between the saturated Male' and expanding towns. In case you are considerin