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Time to Admit that Our Institutional Approach to Social Justice Has Miserably Failed

What did you observe in the last 02 decades?

An institutional approach towards the democratisation of the society has never given any fruit but divisions, instability and political turmoil.

None of our political parties are ready to seek alternative solutions. 

A new constitution and new sets of laws, separation of powers, establishment of independent institutions and introduction of multi-party system do not make the public better off. 

Our political parties and politicians are not aware of the factors responsible for the failure of the system. If they know, they are not ready to accept them. 

True. We have brought necessary institutional changes. We trust human beings. We trusted our people in responsible positions. But, we forgot that human beings by nature are corrupted by their greed. Laws are meant to break, either by hook or by crook. You are doing it. They are doing it. Just for one reason. 

You are NOT economically independent. 

Lack of economic independence is responsible for the failure of the institutional approach. 

But, still we keep talking about bringing institutional changes. Believe us, they have failed us once and we will continue to fail as long as we do not make our leaders and voters economically independent. But, how can we do it. 

Today, we talk about one judge, another corrupt deal, negligence of some institutions etc. It is not giving us any result because the replacement of the person with another does not change the level of greed in our substitutes. 

Therefore, let us change our focus. Let us talk more about:
  1. Creating job opportunities and Employment of youth
  2. Controlling Inflation
  3. Production of domestic goods and services and increasing Economic Growth
  4. Export promotion, import substitution and reducing Balance of Payments deficit
  5. Equal distribution of national income and wealth etc
Unless these economic topics take headlines in mainstream politics and media, we can not change the greed of the people to get immediate personal benefits through authority and power.

Therefore, let us change our agenda. Let us talk more about Economic Independence. 

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