On This Day in 356: Emperor Constantius II Shut All Heathen (Non-Christian) Temples

Sunday, February 19, 2017

It was on 19th February 356 that Emperor Constantius II Shut All Heathen (Non-Christian) Temples.

Constantius II was Roman Emperor from 337 to 361. The second son of Constantine I and Fausta, he ascended to the throne with his brothers Constantine II and Constans upon their father's death.

  • Born: 7 August 317 AD, Pannonia
  • Died: 3 November 361 AD, Mopsuestia, Turkey
  • Spouse: Faustina (m. 361 AD–361 AD), Eusebia (m. 353 AD–360 AD)
  • Parents: Constantine the Great, Fausta
  • Children: Flavia Maxima Constantia
  • Siblings: Constans, Constantine II, Crispus, Constantina, Helena, Fausta
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