These 09 Countries Opposed Bush's Iraq War in 2003

The Iraq War was a protracted armed conflict that began with the 2003 invasion of Iraq by a United States-led coalition, which toppled the government of Saddam Hussein. 

The war continued from March 20, 2003 to November 18, 2011. The war has led to the imbalance in post-Saddam geopolitics and destruction that we see today in the middle-east. 

Starting from the first day, these 09 countries opposed the war.
  1. Germany
  2. France
  3. Russia
  4. Turkey
  5. China
  6. Canada
  7. Brazil
  8. Pakistan
  9. Indonesia
In addition, the Arab League and the African Union also expressed their concerns. 
Ahmed Xahir
Ahmed Xahir

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