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CIE O Level Economics (2281) Paper Structure

For learners taking the qualification in 2014 or after, you will take two exam papers.

Paper 01: Multiple Choice
·         Paper Duration: 45 Minutes (Previously 60 Minutes)
·         Answer 30 multiple choice questions.
·         Each question has four possible answers, A, B, C and D.
·         Each question is worth one mark.
·         Paper 1 is worth 30% of the total marks of your Cambridge O Level in Economics.

Paper 02: Structured Questions
·         Paper Duration: 02 Hours 15 Minutes (Previously 02 Hours)
·         Answer the compulsory question (Question 1) in Section A.
·         Information and data will be given for the interpretation and analysis of a real economic situation. 
·         Question 1 is worth a total of 30 marks.
·         Answer three questions in Section B from a choice of six.
·         Each question in Section B is worth a total of 20 marks.
·         Paper 2 is worth 70% of the total marks of your Cambridge O Level in Economics.

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