4.6 What are the limits to growth and development in developed and developing countries?

What students need to learn:

Students should be able to:
Additional Guidance Notes
Limits to growth and development
Consider factors such as:
  • poor infrastructure
  • human capital inadequacies
  • primary product dependency
  • savings gap; inadequate
  • capital accumulation
  • foreign currency gap
  • capital flight
  • corruption
  • population issues
  • debt
  • poor governance; civil wars.

Students will not be expected to know specific numerical information for countries.

Students should be aware of the problems associated with declining terms of trade. Students would benefit from using case studies as a means of illustrating the constraints facing different economies and reasons for their different growth rates. For example, they could study one country from each of the following continents: Africa, Asia, South America, North America and Europe. Specific knowledge of individual countries will not be required.
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