My Fifth Thirty Questions

Grade: 09           
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Answer the following 30 Questions.

1.    What are the features of private limited companies?
2.    Outline the advantages of private limited companies?
3.    List the disadvantages of private limited companies?
4.    What are the features of public limited companies?
5.    What are the advantages of public limited companies?
6.    List the disadvantages of public limited companies?
7.    Compare public limited companies and private limited companies?
8.    Compare public limited companies and partnerships?
9.    Explain what is meant by shares?
10. Compare ordinary shares and preference shares?
11. What is a debenture?
12. Compare shares and debentures?
13. Define cooperative society?
14. Name the three types of cooperatives?
15. What is a producer cooperative?
16. Define wholesale cooperative?
17. Describe consumer cooperative?
18. Identify the characteristics of consumer cooperatives?
19. Define public sector?
20. Distinguish between public sector and private sector?
21. What is a public corporation?
22. What is the main aim of public corporation?
23. Identify the two main forms of public corporation?
24. List the features of public corporation?
25. Compare public corporations and limited companies?
26. What is a municipal enterprise?
27. Describe multinational?
28. Identify the advantages of forming a multinational?
29. What are the advantages for the host country of a multinational?
30. What are the drawbacks for the host country of a multinational?
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Ahmed Xahir

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