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Leading Bookshops

Bookshop Location Contact
Risala Bookshop M, Saljamge, Fareedhee Magu, K. Male' (960) 333-1883
Asrafee Bookshop Ma, Samna, Chaandhanee Magu, K. Male' (960) 332-3424
Asrafee Trades M, Asrafee Trades, Orchid Magu, K. Male' (960) 334-1000
Baazaar Million
M. Boduthakurufaanu Magu, K. Male'
(960) 332-3382
Baazaaru Chandelier
M. Boduthakurufaanu Magu, K. Male'
(960) 332-2318
Chandelier - The Office Giant
G. Rihifas, Medhuziyaaraiy Magu, K. Male
(960) 332-7858
Chandelier Bookshop M, Kalhumuraka, Shaheedh Ali Higun, K. Male'
(960) 331-8324
Kieveli Books G, Light Grey, Buruzu Magu, K. Male'
(960) 333-4016
Knowledge Book Centre H, Lonuziyaaraiy Magu, K. Male'
(960) 331-2312
Million Bookshop M, Kaheksham, Majeedhee Magu, K. Male'
(960) 331-0011
Novelty Bookshop M, Pink Rose, Fareedhee Magu, K. Male'
(960) 331-8899
Raadha Bookshop H, Sosun Meed, Sosunmaage, K. Male'
(960) 333-4012
Reader Bookshop Ma, Chandhanee Magu, K. Male'
(960) 334-0888
Reader Bookshop 1 Ma, Buruzu Magu, K. Male'
(960) 334-0888
Reader Bookshop 2 Ma, Kimbi, Buruzu Magu, K. Male'
(960) 331-5868
Round One Bookshop G, Nashid Villa, Bodurasgefaanu Magu, K. Male'
(960) 331-4760

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